Life Energy Healing Certification Course

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Life Energy Healing

Two Year Diploma and Three Year Teaching Certification Course

This course began January 2016, but there is still time to join! We have recordings of all the classes, once you join you can listen to previous sessions and join in on new live sessions every other Thursday evening.


This two year course comes out of a desire to nurture others through received knowledge from forty years of healing work. It is formatted in a non-linear teaching model for anyone seeking a new way of learning and applying homeopathy and energy medicine. As clinical homeopaths, teachers and product developers we are making a conscious effort to be the conduit through which knowledge flows in love, integrity and passion.

Our intention is to demonstrate the strong transformational shift from teaching in a fear based manner, where punishment, shame and guilt weaken one’s ability to access the Higher Mind of learning and open the heart for healing. We are here to guide you through and provide the foundation for your highest potential to be fulfilled.

We independently share a deep love for homeopathic medicine, as well as the healing tools that come from ancient spiritual knowledge we have been privileged to learn over years of training and practice. We passionately feel that in order to truly educate and impart the knowledge that gives you the confidence to facilitate energy healing we must provide a safe environment in which to ask questions, and open the dialogue to a deeper, spiritual context for understanding human nature. We address the issues of karma, illness, chronic disease as well as affirmative attitudes, and healthy beliefs that release the maintaining causes problematic to most illness.

This course promises to be a unique experience where it is safe to keep our hearts open, our minds focused and our spirits delighted by the possibilities of learning new ways of bringing healing to the world. Consider joining us for an exciting adventure on a course that will transform the way you express your potential and engender confidence in those who come to you for healing.

The nitty gritty: Think of this as Homeopathy outside of the box. Homeopathy for today’s issues in this modern world.

We will cover the following:

  1. Environmental Toxins
    1. Medications
    2. Vaccinations
    3. Radiation
    4. EMFs, Wifi, Mobile Phone, etc
    5. Pesticides/GMOs
  2. Hereditary Disposition (Miasms)
    1. Tubercular
    2. Cancer
    3. Syphilitic
    4. Sycotic
  3. Pregnancy and Childbirth
    1. Morning sickness
    2. Restless legs
    3. Loose joints
    4. Changing body
    5. Growing a healthy child
    6. Birth remedies
    7. Remedies for postpartum recovery
    8. Common remedies used for the newborn
  4. Menopause
    1. Memory loss
    2. Sleep disturbances
    3. Hot flashes
    4. Bone loss
    5. Loss of libido
  5. Aging
    1. Coping with the changing body and mind
    2. Neurological dysfunction
    3. Dying process
  6. First Aid
    1. Trauma
    2. Injury
    3. Acute illness
  7. Homeopathy for Animals and Plants 
    1. Pets, poultry, livestock, etc
    2. Garden, crops and houseplants
  8. Homeopathy for the Human Energy System (Chakras)
    1. Astrological effects on the chakras
    2. Social effects on the chakras
    3. Nutrition’s effects on the chakras


Ambika Wauters has practiced healing in a professional capacity for over forty years. She trained in the UK for ten years, working with Visa International and other major corporations bringing homeopathy into the corporate sector. She is author of 23 books on healing, homeopathy, the chakras and realm of angels.

Vonette Thorner has been involved with homeopathy for thirteen years and holds a four year degree in homeopathy. She is a trained doula who specializes in hypnobirthing and has transformed clinical birthing into a spiritual and loving experience that supports mother and child in a positive and healing way. She is mother to three healthy children, all of whom are homeschooled. Her commitment to healing is evident in all she does to support her clients and students on the journey into the essential realities of alternative medicine.

Vonette and Ambika have created a professional partnership that has spanned several years. Together, we develop unique homeopathic products as well as teach, mentor and support the growth of homeopathy and energy healing. We have taught together for the last three years offering our knowledge and expertise to those interested in energy healing, spiritual transformation and wellbeing.
This program develops proper use of remedies and healing techniques under professional guidance. Our course covers homeopathic color and sound remedies, standard Homeopathic Remedies, miasmatic nosodes, Biochemic Cell Salts, and flower essences.

What We Offer: We offer supervision for all participants to develop a deeper understanding of energy. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms are all considered when we take a case and understand what needs healing. For those who want certification to practice and teach our work this course will develop and refine your skills. The course runs for 2 years with a 3rd year option for teaching certification and will begin in January 2016. The classroom sessions teach: case taking skills, case analysis, review of chakras and their glandular and organ systems, mental and emotional issues, remedy review and additional materia medica.

Class Sessions: Two 2 hour GoToMeeting sessions (recorded for schedule conflicts) monthly and one 1 hour case review session that is privately scheduled. It is your opportunity to have one on one time with a professional supervisor. At the end of 2 years, upon case submission and approval, we will present a diploma from the Institute of Life Energy Medicine acknowledging you as a practitioner of Life Energy Healing.

Prerequisites for this diploma course are: Chakra Healing Course AND The Color and Sound Remedy Course OR Chakra Balancing with Homeopathic Color and Sound Remedies


Payment options:

One payment of $1000 for 1 year of the course OR Monthly payments of $100 for 12 months ($1200)