Ambika’s Angelic Art

Ambika calls her paintings “Spirit Art.” This technique developed by applying watercolor to wet paper, allowing it to dry and “seeing” angelic images appear in the paper. Ambika then embellishes these figures with oil pastels, paint, ink and gold and silver pen. The work is stunning. It touches the spirit and brings peace, healing and love to those who observe her work.

These paintings will be appearing soon in book and divinatory oracle form. More information coming soon.

Ambika Wauters is a trained artist with a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Royal College of Art, London. She trained in ceramic arts, and has expanded her scope of creative expression to include jewelry, clothing and costume design, wall murals, garden displays and landscaping and now, fine art.

Her work has been exhibited in London at the Nicholas Treadwell Gallery, The Royal College of Art, 1972 Diploma Show, and the Henley-on-Thames gallery. She has exhibited her work in Gaucin, Spain in a group show, and at the Chair House Gallery, Ghiardelli Square, San Francisco. She is currently preparing for an exhibit of her paintings at the DeGrazia Gallery in Tucson, Arizona.

Enjoy Ambika’s perpetual art show on line. Prints are for sale as well as some merchandising of her art on candles, cards and notebooks. Payment can be made through Paypal¬†or by check.

To contact Ambika about her work please email her at